Preparations 2021

Update from the South of France
16 June 2020

Newsletter October 2020

I n this newsletter you will find information about the preparations for 2021, our own laundry service, pool maintenance and we will give you an update on the coronavirus and the current situation in France..

Corona update

France will go back into a nationwide lockdown starting today to try to contain the COVID-19 epidemic that is again threatening to spiral out of control. The new measures President Emmanuel Macron announced will last until Dec. 1 and mean people have to stay in their homes except to buy essential goods, seek medical attention, or use their daily one-hour allocation of exercise. Traveling to your second home in the South of France will not be possible.

Our office will be closed and will receive clients by appointment only. Our employees will work from home where possible. Activities by our electricians as well as maintenance on pools, gardens etc. will continue as usual.

If you have any questions, you can always reach us by phone, e-mail and WhatsApp.

Inspection of your villa or apartment

If you would like an inspection of your villa or apartment during the winter period and / or because of your longer absence as a result of the new measures around the coronavirus, please contact us.

Contact us.

First aid kit

We have noticed that most of the villas and homes that we manage and mantain do not have a first aid kit. Did you know that this is mandatory when you rent out your home? And even if you do not rent your villa to third parties, we recommend that you have one. Applying first aid can prevent worsening (minor) injuries.

The content of the first aid kit must be checked regularly for completeness and shelf life. Place the box in an accessible and known place. When checking in guests, we will shouw them where the first aid kit can be found.

Don’t have a first aid kit yet? Please contact us and we will make sure there is one available in your home. We have a smaller and bigger version.

Request your first aid kit.

Off season maintenance and renovations

The summer is over. Time for us to start with the preparations for 2021. We hope that with the first rays of sunshine you can rent out your villa/apartment again or move into your (second) home yourself. That is why we advise you to start thinking about which activities should take place this winter so that you are ready for 2021. Consider for example:

  • Painting window frames and shutters
  • Renovations to your pool such as renewing tile grouts, replacing the mosaic and checking and where necessary replacing (parts of) your swimming pool installation (read more down below)
  • Paintwork, inside and outside
  • Renovation or remodel of kitchen or bathroom

Soon we will email you personally with our recommendations. This way you can start the season without last minute stress.

A word from Nico Kesraoui, pool maintenance

“My name is: Nicolas Kesraoui, also known as Nico. I take care of all our clients’ swimming pools. Many people think that the maintenance of the swimming pool is a piece of cake – “throw in a lot of chlorine and you’re done”. The water might look clear and smell fresh, but just because of the warm temperatures in France compared to the Netherlands, maintaining a swimming pool consists of much more than just adding chlorine.

A good pH level in the pool is essential for a pleasant swimming experience. If the pH level is too low, the water becomes acid. This acid water can cause corrosion on the heat pump, thereby reducing its service life. The pH level of the water will also roughen the mosaic in the long term. This will put a great strain on your beautiful tiles. As the mosaic tiles become rougher they will also promote algae growth, which should be prevented at all costs. A low pH value can furthermore cause those typical red eyes and even itching. It makes swimming much less pleasant. Softer water, with a higher pH value, is much more enjoyable! We also recommend all our customers to install a PH device.

The technical machine
A swimming pool is not a simple pool of water, but also a technical machine. A swimming pool in the garden requires all kinds of equipment to keep the pool and water in optimal condition: a pump installation, filter and a heat regulator. Invest in regular checks and, where necessary, replacement of parts in the technical room to prevent problems. On average, a swimming pool needs to be renovated every 5 years. We then replace loose tiles and re-grout the pool so that algae and dirt cannot settle.

The filter
The filter of your pool is also essential for a pleasant swimming experience. Nowadays we use a filter with glass grains instead of sand,. This consists of recycled glass and has exactly the same effect as sand but needs less replacement.

A salt water pool
About 80% of our customers have a salt water swimming pool, where salt is used as a disinfectant. The salt can be added directly to the swimming pool water and is subsequently converted by a salt electrolyser into natural chlorine. A salt water swimming pool therefore always contains chlorine and only works with a salt electrolysis device. In addition to being a safer option for you and your family, a saltwater pool is better for the environment. After all, salt is a product that can also be found in nature. By using little to no chemicals, there is also no need to buy them. You do need to add salt to the water at the beginning of the swimming season, but salt is a lot cheaper than chemicals. The water will stay fresh longer as algae, fungi and bacteria cannot survive in salt water. You can adjust the disinfection method by making only minor adjustments.

At your service
Because you may rent out your home and therefore have many guests splash into your pool every day, with or without dirty feet or full of sunburn, I advise you to think carefully about the information above. I would be happy to give you more detailed advice and a tailor-made plan to keep your swimming pool and your installation in optimal condition.”

Our own laundry service

It was planned for 2020, but due to the corona crisis, it will be 2021: Bastion’s own laundry service. To increase the quality and service of washing the linen for your tenants, we open our own laundry service before the next rental season. This laundrette will use the latest, newest equipment and is intended exclusively for Bastion customers (not public).

Approving offers / quotations

Due to French legislation, it is no longer possible to approve offers/quotations by e-mail or phone. From November 1st, all quotations must be signed. You can do this by printing, signing and sending the offer by post or you can scan the signed documentation and send it to us by e-mail. We also would like to point out that every quotation has period of validity. After that period, we will no longer accept the quotation due to fluctuating prices and we will prepare a new one for you.

Gert Jan Neuteboom

From the first corona wave, Gert-Jan is no longer working for Bastion d’Azur. Given his age and because he has a greater health risk, he was eligible for a local government programme. Since there are no changes in the situation, we have together decided that this arrangement will transfer into his retirement. Please send all correspondence intended for him to

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