About us

Our team is at your service:

Joost Schwartz


I am the founder and director of Bastion d’Azur. I am Dutch and have been living in the South of France since 1999. Before moving to France, I owned a construction company. My passion is to make your second home a relaxing and enjoyable experience.”
Gert-Jan Neuteboom

General assistant

“I am Gert-Jan Neuteboom. Following a career as an independent physiotherapist I now live in the south of France since 2006 and have worked at Bastion d’Azur since the creation of the company."
Cathy Nougier


"For a long time, I was the only Française in the office. Now we have another French colleague. Following diverse jobs, I enjoy working in a company with Dutch people and as the work is very diverse it really appeals to me. I have worked at Bastion d’Azur since the summer of 2015."
Chantal Serre


"After working part at Bastion d’Azur time for several years, Joost called me that there was a vacancy at the office. I immediately said yes! Now I am the person that solves many behind-the-scenes issues that come up. I’ll spend hours on the phone to get your internet working and to find out why your water bill is (too) high. My English has gotten so much better, which makes me happy as well. See you at the office or talk to you on the phone!"

Pascal Richard

Head of Technicians

“My name is Pascal Richard. I have been working for Bastion d’Azur since it was created in 2007. I started as the only technician, now I have a team of 5 technicians working under me. The diversity of the work and the contact with clients makes the work very appealing.”
Mike Richard


“I am Mike Richard. In 2009 I came to work for Bastion via my father and I love my job. I am looking forward to meeting you whilst I am maintaining your garden or during pool maintenance.”
Nicolas Kesraoui


“In the spring of 2014 I have started working for Bastion, by now I feel totally at home and really enjoy the work. Diverse work makes the work very attractive, every day is different!”
Hichem Rhouma


"I was hitchhiking once when Joost offered me a ride. We got talking and after years of working as his gardener, I have now joined the Bastion d'azur team. I think it is a great job and I feel very responsible for all those beautiful gardens that we are allowed to maintain. In addition, we are a close team and I really like that. If I have extra time, I also assist as a handyman and painter."

Ayman Bouzazi

Allround handyman

“My name is Ayman Bouzazi. I have been working at Bastion d'Azur since February 2020. I am a real handyman; I handle everything from garden maintenance to renovation jobs. I really enjoy Bastion and I especially enjoy the teamwork. I was welcomed with open arms and feel completely at home. I also find the contact with customers and the varied work very pleasant.”
Vincent Dumoulin


“Hello my name is Vincent Dumoulin. I have been working at Bastion d'Azur since March 2020. I used to do garden maintenance and landscaping for a company in St Tropez. But because I live in Sainte Maxime, I am very happy that I now work at Bastion. I really enjoy working at gardens and outside and have been trained for this. If you have any questions you can always contact me, I also speak English.”