Renovating a house requires a significant investment in terms of time, money and effort. To guarantee a perfect result right from the start, entrust your renovation project to our teams of experts. At Bastion d’Azur, we take 100% involved for your construction site and work with local partners.

With our support, you avoid the complexities associated with planning, implementation and design, and you benefit from the expertise necessary to complete your project on time. Our team offers a wide range of renovation services: interior renovation, plumbing , masonry, electricity, tiling, painting and the assembly of a kitchen.


When you embark upon the construction of a new property, you are faced with many complex problems such as planning, local construction methods, technical language, materials adapted to the local climate, etc. The process is far less challenging if you have experts on your side to guide you and help you complete the project. Bastion d’Azur, leader in property management in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, supports you in the choice of service providers, translation and site monitoring.

We have been working with service providers selected for their skills and affordable pricing for ten years. Their contracts are checked on a yearly basis so as to make sure that they have the capacity to insure your projects.

Translation is necessary when we tackle subjects as technical as construction. Our team, whose members speak English, Dutch, German and French fluently, will be present at the meetings with the contractor so there will always be an interpreter at hand.


We guarantee construction site monitoring in your absence through unscheduled visits, taking photos and making videos. This will allow you to follow the progress of the work. In addition, we will check your mailbox, electricity, water etc.

Apart from the comfort of relying on a trusted partner, thanks to our intervention, you will be able to archive the relevant documents and photos and mail us your comments concerning the progress of the construction. Leader in property management in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, Bastion d’Azur, has already carried out 28 site monitorings from January to September 2023, all of which to the satisfaction of our clients.

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Responsable garden pool maintenance and technicians


Responsable garden pool maintenance and technicians


All round technicians


All round technicians

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